Warner Bros. International Television Production Netherlands BV is part of AT&T Inc. – one of the largest internationally operating media companies. WBITVP Netherlands is a creative, talent driven production company that develops, produces and distributes content in all the major genres: entertainment, factual and high quality TV drama.

We produce original programs for both public and commercial broadcasters and also have a long track record in adapting international formats for the Dutch market. Our productions vary from variety shows such as Sorry About That, The World's Most Dangerous Roads, Blood, Sweat &..., Temptation Island (and Talk) and They Are Just Like Us to close to home reality series like First Dates (Hotel), Obese, Emergency Call and The Class and international hitformats as Celebrity Splash and Adam Looking for Eve. We also produce multiple series for online, for example 'Nikkie to the Rescue' (with Nikkie de Jager).

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