The next Dutch make-up star

In Glow Up: The Next Dutch Make-Up Star, presented by Roxeanne Hazes, we try to find the most distinguished next make-up talent of the Netherlands. Ten promising make-up talents compete against each other in this exciting show. Each episode they have to prove themselves by making the most remarkable and technically challenging creations. They are judged by make-up experts Nikkie de Jager and Pernell Kusmus, and a guest judge that fits the episode’s theme. The two worst performing candidates get one final chance in the exciting Face-Off. Each episode, for one of them the Glow-Up adventure ends. At the end of the competition only the most talented make-up artist remains standing, who can claim the title of Next Dutch Make-Up Star. That’s not their only price because they also win € 15.000,- cold cash as well as a talent contract at the famous agency House of Orange.

Season 1